Photography 101: Water

Trying to catch up with this challenge.. This was not my first choice for the water theme.. At first, I was thinking of a famous landmark here in Bacolod City which is the Lagoon. This is one of my favorite place to go for a jog or walk early in the morning on my days off. But then, something came to my mind.  It was unexpected, as I went to Planta Hotel to inquire about their services, I suddenly remembered the pool. I thought this can be a perfect scene for the photo challenge. I left my DSLR camera at the car and too lazy to get it, I used my iPad for the snapshot. This pool hold lots of memories of happy days! I can’t help but smile as I recalled we used to have a pool party here and we usually ended up at 4:00 am.  We even received a complaint from some of the hotel guests that we were a nuisance. We’ll, we can’t help it – booze and the laugh trips with my colleagues? Who cares if we make a lot of noise.. How I missed this kind of fun!..

With the two lovely couple at the background
With the two lovely couple at the background



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