Photography 101: Connect


Thinking about connect, It was actually my sister and her husband that first popped into my mind. On how I can showcase how connected they are.. but then, I wanted to show something different.  Well not that really different.  It’s about a mother and her baby and how they bond with each other.  I enjoyed taking this photo.  It was challenging in a sense that, my cousin dressed up her daughter for the shoot.  While I started to take the pictures, I had a hard time capturing that moment because I couldn’t get Riley to smile.  She was probably conscious about me taking the photos or distracted because of the camera flash. I’m still not adept in taking photos in low light so I can’t lose the flash. hahaha.  Well, we did a lot of stint to make Riley smile but alas, she wouldn’t.  So I guessed, that was it.  I was already thinking of something else to represent “connect”.  But after a few minutes, while  watching the news, I found the perfect moment.. Riley in her Mom’s lap and my cousin was talking to her, I caught that perfect smile.  This was a candid photo of how they are connected.



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