Photography 101: Warmth

At first I really don’t know what will be the best photo to represent “warmth”.  I went out early today to take some snapshots of trees with the sun, but I think I couldn’t get it right. I thought, well I’ll just use an old photo which I took a couple of months ago as it seems to be the perfect fit for today’s theme.  However, I remember that if I don’t wreck my mind for some ideas I wouldn’t learn.  So when I was at the mall, I saw a couple of furniture and I said to myself, maybe I don’t really need the sun to depict “warmth”.. and just maybe a good lighting and a good subject.  When I look at it these, I see warmth..


The photo below was the one I thought to post but later changed my mind.  I’d go for the furniture.. 🙂



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