Corregidor: A Piece of Philippine History

I think I was born a wanderer! Even as a child, it has been my dream to travel.  I would always be in awe every time I saw pictures of lush greeneries, mountaintop views and most especially the fresh breeze of the ocean. I would often tease my daughter about buying a beachfront resthouse. So much for being a dreamer! haha. I would certainly love that!  Imagining myself waking up to the sound of the waves and being close to nature.  Travelling is therapeutic for me.  It seems like I’m getting a reboot everytime I get to see places and experience a new adventure.

Corregidor was the first guided tour I had.  I didn’t expect much of the place as I couldn’t get a more detailed info about it.  I just saw the ad over the internet about Sun Cruises offering a tour of the place and was just curios.  So when we had a workshop in Manila, I didn’t let the the opportunity pass and booked myself to the tour.

It was specified on the guidelines that boarding time is at 7:00AM.  We waited patiently at the Sun Cruises Terminal at the back of the PICC Complex for boarding.  We departed Manila Bay at around 8:00AM and approximately about an hour or so, we arrived at Corregidor. When our ferry boat docked, we boarded one of their tour bus.


Sun Cruises Ferry Boat
Sun Cruises Tour Bus
Sun Cruises Tour Bus

What’s great about the tour is, it brings you back to historical sites and memories of the past. This is a great venue for school field trips because it gives you a glimpse of our heritage.

After everyone was aboard the bus, our tour began and we passed by some old barracks or what they called the “Middle Side Barracks” where it used to house the US Armies during the World War II.

Middle Side Barracks, Corregidor
Middle Side Barracks, Corregidor

Because of the strategic location of the island, this was once fortified with coastal artillery and ammunition to defend the entrance of Manila Bay from the attacks of the enemy warships during World War II.

Battery Way, Corregidor
Battery Way, Corregidor
Battery Way, Corregidor
Battery Way, Corregidor

After passing thru the Battery Way, we went to the Spanish Lighthouse. It is said to be the second oldest lighthouses built in the country.

Spanish Lighthouse, Corregidor

At first I did not get to understand what the numbers imply next to each countries, but after a few research on the internet, the numbers indicate the distance in kilometers.

We then proceeded to the remains of the Cine Corregidor, a recreational Movie House built for the US Armies.  It was said that the last movie played was “Gone with the Wind”.


Our group then headed to Mile Long Barracks.  It was named that way because these barracks stretches almost to what the name depicts.

Mile Long Barracks, Corregidor

Afterwards, we get to visit the Pacific War Memorial and Museum.  This was built in 1968 in commemoration of the Filipinos and Americans who were involved in the fighting of the Pacific War during World War II.

Pacific War Memorial & Museum, Corregidor
Abstract of Eternal Flame of Freedom, Corregidor

Our next stop was quite interesting as it also played a vital part during the wars.  We headed to Battery Grubbs.  These are guns that disappear from view once fired.

Battery Grubbs, Corregidor
Battery Grubbs, Corregidor
Battery Grubbs, Corregidor

After quite a historic view, our lunch was served at La Playa Resort which was included on our tour package.

Once we’re all ready to roll, we resumed our tour and headed to Japanese Garden of Peace.

Japanese Garden of Peace, Corregidor

This was not an actual cemetery but was built by the Japanese as a praying area for those family survivors whose kins died during the war.

Our last itinerary was the Malinta Tunnel, initially built as a bomb-proof storage and bunker but was later turned into a hospital.


Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor

You may check Sun Cruises Corregidor Tour Package.  For sure, you will also enjoy our piece of Philippine History!


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