A daughter is a God’s Blessing..

I suddenly got the urge to write as my creative juices are starting to kick in. I’m thinking about the greatest blessings in life – having a baby. Back in my younger days, when I was still in high school, I dreaded to have children of my own. Most especially when I got to see a documentary of a mother giving birth to a child. On the video, it actually showed how terrifying childbirth was and I didn’t want to experience all the pain of it. Never did I expect that having a baby is one of the greatest gift life has to offer. It gave me the courage to face all challenges. I have learnt what the word ‘sacrifice’ meant as I had to put my daughter’s needs before my own. It gave me a sense of direction and a purpose!

I was a teenage mother and becoming a parent was forced upon me. I didn’t even understand how to become one back then. I was lucky to have a very supportive parents who helped me got through with it.

My daughter is now a fully grown lady. I am glad that inspite of everything, she grew up to be a person with a positive outlook. She is indeed my bundle of joy as she brought so much happiness in my life! Being a single parent is tough, but there’s nothing I won’t do for her! She will continue to be my inspiration!


Mother-Daughter twinning outfits!
Throwback picture below.. Younger years..




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