Photography 101: Treasure

Treasure can be perceived in a lot of forms. But for me, there is only one person in this world that holds the number 1 spot here in my heart.. My Daughter.. She is the greatest reminder of my purpose.. My source of strength.. My everything..


Photography 101: Architecture

Still at the same venue for "pop of colour" theme.. I can't help but notice the intricate design of the lanterns hanging above the resto. I hope this will pass for some architectural design.. I love the pattern.. 🙂  My cousin-in-law knows how to make one of these..

Photography 101: Pop of Colour

Well... there were few ideas for this theme but I have to make do of what's available for me at the moment.  I have been busy with work and my rest days are spent doing some errands, making appointments and finalizing some stuffs for my daughter's debut plus the weather is not cooperating with some rain... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: Landmark

Another catch up with the assignment.. "Landmark".  At first I wanted to take a photo of our old building the former Government Center in my place, however, I couldn't get a clear shot. There were big trucks parked in front and it blocks the beauty of the old building.  So I moved on, and instead... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: Warmth

At first I really don't know what will be the best photo to represent "warmth".  I went out early today to take some snapshots of trees with the sun, but I think I couldn't get it right. I thought, well I'll just use an old photo which I took a couple of months ago as it seems to be... Continue Reading →

Photography 101: Connect

Thinking about connect, It was actually my sister and her husband that first popped into my mind. On how I can showcase how connected they are.. but then, I wanted to show something different.  Well not that really different.  It's about a mother and her baby and how they bond with each other.  I enjoyed taking this... Continue Reading →

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