Photography 101: Connect

Thinking about connect, It was actually my sister and her husband that first popped into my mind. On how I can showcase how connected they are.. but then, I wanted to show something different.  Well not that really different.  It's about a mother and her baby and how they bond with each other.  I enjoyed taking this... Continue Reading →


Photography 101: Solitude

This is a bit challenging for me because I can't connect myself to the current theme.  I hope this portrays my basic understanding of what solitude means.

Photography 101: Water

Trying to catch up with this challenge.. This was not my first choice for the water theme.. At first, I was thinking of a famous landmark here in Bacolod City which is the Lagoon. This is one of my favorite place to go for a jog or walk early in the morning on my days... Continue Reading →

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